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How Is A Beard Comb Different Than A Regular Comb?

How Is A Beard Comb Different Than A Regular Comb?

A beard comb is different from a regular comb, but what makes it unique? Learn more about how a beard comb is different from a regular comb with M&S Homemade Soap and Personal Care


You can’t use any old product on your body and expect to look your best. As with all things in life, there are different standards of quality -- and, of course, there are items that are designed to do one specific thing. This is the case with beard combs. Some people wonder how is a beard comb different than a regular comb, or even if there is a difference. The answer to that question is: yes, they are different! And actually, it’s pretty important that you’re using the right one on your beard. The beard comb vs regular comb is about more than a name. It’s about making your beard look its best.


So why buy a beard comb? Let’s take a look at the various ways in which they differ from a regular comb.


The Design


A beard comb and regular comb might look broadly similar, but they’re very different. Think of it this way: a regular shoe looks similar to a bowling shoe, but they have different functions! Beard combs are designed to comfortably handle the thickness of a beard, as well as the texture. A regular comb is supposed to handle the hairs on the head, which differ in texture and thickness. You can even get beard combs that have been engineered to handle your specific type of beard (for instance, if you have especially thick facial hair).


They’re More Comfortable


Beard combs don’t just handle your facial hair better. They’re also more comfortable to use. The motion you use when you’re combing your beard is different to the motion that you use when combing your head hair, and this is reflected in the design of the comb. You may not be too inconvenienced by using a regular comb on your beard, but if you want your beard to look as good as possible, then you should invest in a beard comb.


They Last Longer


You can use a regular comb on your beard. You won’t get the same results as using a beard comb, but it’ll be better than using nothing. However, one thing you’d need to factor in is that you’d end up replacing your combs all the time. The fine teeth of a regular comb can handle a thick beard once, but they can’t handle it every day for too long. Eventually, those teeth are going to snap off. A beard comb will last longer -- indeed, they can often become a comb that lasts a lifetime. It could even become a family heirloom that you pass down generations.


They Provide a Better Look


Ultimately, it’s important to take good care of your beard. After all, you want it to look as impressive as possible! If you’re in the market for a beard comb, be sure to check out the collection that we have here at M&S Homemade Soap and Personal Care. We believe that your time, skin, and wallet matter, and that’s why we ensure that we only sell products that are right for you.

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