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How Do You Use Kombucha For Your Face?

How Do You Use Kombucha For Your Face?

You know kombucha is great for the gut, but did you know it’s good for the skin too? How do you use Kombucha on your face? Read on to find out.


Kombucha is a beverage that is produced by using a culture of bacteria and yeast, known as a SCOBY, to ferment sweet tea. You may have seen kombucha for sale at various health stores and natural food places because it is extremely good for you in terms of improving gut health and providing the body with lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


What many people do not know is that you can also use kombucha on your face. Yes, using kombucha for your face is not only possible, but it is becoming very popular as a form of skincare.


If you have never tried kombucha skincare before, you may be wondering how you can use it for your face or why you should even bother, read on and all will become clear…


What Are The Benefits Of Kombucha Skin Care?


Kombucha is packed full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, so it is perhaps not surprising that it would be good for the skin which requires all three to maintain a healthy glow, but it is fair to say that it is particularly good at helping to clear up acne and eczema.


Kombucha For Acne And Eczema


A study published in the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology found that kombucha can reduce skin inflammation, which can help to reduce the appearance of acne significantly. It also means that it can potentially be used to reduce the inflammation that is caused by eczema, and may even soothe and lessen the appearance of rosacea too.


A Natural Barrier Booster


The same study also found that kombucha for your face can, due to the natural probiotics and organic acids it contains, help to boost the skin barrier, which means that it will help to maintain your skin’s natural PH levels and not only prevent breakouts, but help to keep your skin healthier and more radiant in general.


How Do You Use Kombucha For Your Face?


Of course, kombucha is a bit of an acquired taste, so if you would like all of the benefits, but you don’t want to drink the fermented tea, you can use kombucha skincare products, like our Dr. Turmeric Kombucha Face Soap, which also contains turmeric - another anti-inflammatory.


Now you know the benefits of kombucha skincare, you will see why simply washing your face with kombucha-containing products like this twice daily can have an amazing effect on your skin.


Kombucha Skincare Products


Whether you want to soothe redness, reduce puffiness or find a natural way to deal with your acne, the kombucha skincare products we sell here at M&S SKIN CARE can help you to look and feel your best.


We use only the best natural ingredients, including high-quality essential oils, in all of our skin and personal care products to ensure they are as gentle, and great smelling, as they are effective.


So, why not visit our store at or get in touch with us via our contact form today?

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