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Why All-Natural products are better than the Name Brand

Why All-Natural products are better than the Name Brand

Why M&S natural products are way better for your skin than generic name brand products

Have you been using the same, generic store-name brands for your skin? Have you noticed that these products aren't cutting it? Is your skin looking drier and more cracked than it has in the past?

Your skincare routine is a vital part of your morning! Your skin is the first thing people notice when you walk into a room. They’ll notice if your skin is dry, cracked, and not properly taken care of.

With hundreds of products lining the shelves, what products are best for your skincare routine? You could be sampling new products for months and never find the right combination. You want to make your skin look as silky and smooth as it should. Worse, you could spend hundreds of dollars on products that simply don’t work!


All-natural soaps, like M&S products, have a host of health benefits for your skin. By using all-natural skincare products, you’ll immediately notice a boost in your skincare. But how?


Benefits of All-natural products

All-natural skincare products are not only better for the environment, but they’re also safer for your skin as well! Most skincare products are created with synthetic chemicals. These chemicals are harmful to animals, the environment, and even your skin! These harsh chemicals are the main reason you feel dry and itchy.

itchy baby. skin products cause itchiness

Many of the harsh chemicals found in traditional skincare products are found only by mining. These products create more pollution and wreak havoc on the environment. Natural products only use ingredients that can be farmed or produced through extraction. No animals or habitats are harmed!


Compared to synthetic store brands, all-natural products are safer on your skin. When you apply lotion to your skin, or lather up with soap, the ingredients in these products slowly begin to seep into your skin. The ingredients then mix with your bloodstream and flow through your body.


If the ingredients are man-made chemicals, they could harm your body. If the ingredients have healing properties, your body is going to feel the positive effect. You’ll be avoiding all the nasty side effects the synthetic chemicals will be having on your body.

Look at the back of any bottle on the shelf at the store. You’re going to find some pretty suspicious-looking names. You’ll see parabens, sulfates, dyes, and propylene glycol. These chemicals can cause so many skin issues for you like itchiness, swelling, and allergic reactions. It’s best to avoid these chemicals. Using a product like a goat milk soap, you’ll gain so many health benefits!


Benefits of using goat milk soap

Soap made from the milk of goats has gained extreme popularity. Goat milk soap is created through traditional saponification. This process involves acid, fats and oils, and lye. Lye is created with water and sodium hydroxide, but with goat milk soap, goat milk replaces the water. This makes your soap have a creamier texture.


Goat milk soap will act as a natural cleanser for your skin. The commercial soaps can strip your skin of natural moisture and oils. That’s why your skin feels so tight after a shower!

Dr. Who reference, moisturize me. Dry, cracked skin

Goat milk soap has a high-fat content. These allow for dirt and grime to be gently removed while retaining your skin’s natural fatty acids.

Goat milk contains fatty acids and cholesterol. Both of these are a major make-up of your skin! Without either of these, your skin can become incredibly dry and irritated. This is also a great source of vitamin A, which has amazing anti-aging properties! You’ll also find a great source of selenium in goat milk soap. This helpful mineral supports healthy skin. If you suffer from skin conditions like psoriasis symptoms, this will help ease that dry skin!

Goat milk soap even acts as a natural exfoliate! Alpha-hydroxy acids (known as AHAs) come packed with healing properties for skin conditions. The AHAs help with healing scars, age spots because of the natural exfoliation. Lactic acid is also found in AHAs. This helps remove the top layer of dead skin cells, which helps with anti-aging!

Lactic acid is the gentlest of the AHAs and is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Your skin will thank you whenever you use an all-natural soap. Goat milk soap helps promote a healthy skin microbiome. This microbiome is a collection of healthy bacteria that live on the surface of your skin. With this soap gently removing dirt, your skin can maintain its healthy bacteria. Your skin will have its barrier against pathogens and could prevent skin disorders like acne and eczema. Goat milk even contains probiotics like Lactobacillus which produces lactic acid. This has anti-inflammatory effects on the body and the skin as well! The lactic acid content helps with the control or prevention of acne. The natural exfoliant in the soap removes those dead skin cells and helps keep your face clear of dirt, oil, and sebum.


While using all-natural soaps has been promising, acne treatments vary. Consult a health professional for the best products.


Here at M&S, we carry all-natural skincare products that are perfect for your skincare routine! No matter what you’re looking for, we make sure to have only the best and safest products for your skin. Your skincare is important to you. Get clean with M&S skincare!

Start your all-natural skincare journey today!

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