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The Benefits Of Homemade And Natural Soaps

The Benefits Of Homemade And Natural Soaps

Handmade and natural soaps are some of the best natural ways to clean your body. Learn more about the benefits of homemade soap with M&S Skin Care.


Our skin is constantly at risk of exposure to toxins and chemicals. To offset this, we implement skincare routines that typically require a decent soap to scrub all the dirt of the day away. Unfortunately, fragranced soap products that can contain as many as 3,500 oils and chemicals don’t offer quite the respite that our skin needs. Excessive exposure to these chemicals has been linked to escalating problems, including obesity, reproductive issues, and even cancers in extreme cases!


By relying on solely natural ingredients, homemade soap from reputable sources like our team here at M&S Home and Personal Care directly addresses these risk factors and ensures that what you put on your skin truly does clean rather than creating more chemical exposure. Here, we’re going to look at a few homemade soap facts that offer just a glimpse of the wide-reaching benefits of homemade and natural soaps overall.


You’ll Know Exactly What You’re Putting On Your skin


Most mass-produced soaps have long ingredient lists that include unpronounceable additions like triclosan, methylisothiazolinone, and cocamidopropyl betaine to name just a few. Most of us know next to nothing about these ingredients, and we certainly aren’t aware of worrying links like those found between hormonal imbalances and triclosan. By comparison, homemade soaps offer limited, easy-to-understand ingredient lists that include only natural additions such as –

  • Essential oils

  • Natural nut oils

  • Fruit extracts

  • And more


With these go-to’s we all know where we stand, and what we’re rubbing into our skin!


Your Skin Will Feel Seriously Moisturized


Chemical soaps often contain ingredients that cause flaking skin and dry patches. Removing the chemicals that make this happen is yet another of the undeniable benefits of homemade and natural soaps, and is made even better by the addition of fantastically moisturizing glycerine. This natural byproduct, created during a chemical reaction called ‘saponification’, is the best possible natural moisturizer due to its ability to draw moisture from the air into the skin, leaving skin looking plumper, softer, and fresher for longer!


All The Variety You Could Want


Every single homemade soap also offers a varied and unique experience for you to enjoy. Various colors, scents, and sizes are all part of the fun that these products offer. The fact that so many fantastic natural ingredients lend themselves to the soap-making processes also ensures that the possibilities here are endless!


Always Putting The Environment First


As well as ensuring small-scale productions that eliminate pollution-creating factory processes, the all-natural ingredients of homemade soap helps the environment by removing the synthetic compounds, fragrances, and preservatives that we wish directly down the sink when we use chemical soaps. Natural soaps are also 100% cruelty-free, meaning that our planet, and the creatures upon it, are guaranteed to be happier when you make this change.


These are just a few benefits of homemade and natural soaps and reasons why natural skincare should be a better fit for you. Now, do your skin and your planet a favor by browsing our fantastic array of homemade and natural soaps today!

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